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Prefabricated Nickel Coated Pipe Spools

Nickel Coated pipe spool are used on petrochemical and refinery industry for some typical application were weld cladding is difficult to achieve specially small bore pipes. In comparison Nickel plating is also more economical compound to weld cladding. Nickel plating also provide a better surface finish weld cladded spools. In few applications pure Nickel plating is important as in case of weld cladding some other alloying element along with minimal iron is added to achieve the weld ability criteria

World-class Prefabricated Nickel Coated Pipe Spools from Crystal Industrial

Nickel Plating Procedure.

1. Mechanical Cleaning Pretreatment: The pipe, fitting, welded assembly are sand blasted from inside to remove rust, scales, paint etc. adhering to the surface.

2. Chemical Cleaning: The Sandblasted components are taken for chemical cleaning to ensure the surface is free of oil, grease and any other substances adhering to the surface to be plated. The chemical cleaning takes place in following steps:

a) Soak Cleaning: The components are dipped in SK-40/CK1/F-50 ( Degreasing Alkaline chemical ) chemical solution maintained at 60-70 ºC for 10-15 mins. The concentration of solution is 25-30 gm/litre of water.

b) The components are subsequently rinsed in water at room temperature for 12-15 mins, to remove the residual chemical.

c) The components are Acid pickled in H2SO4 (10-25 % v/v) solution kept at room temperature for 10-15 mins.

d) The components are again rinsed in water for about 10 mins to remove the residual acid.

e) The components inside is recirculated with Sulphamic Acid solution for 10-15 mins at room temperature. The concentration of Sulphamic acid is initially kept at 30-40 gms/litre.

f) D.M. water rinse.

3. Nickle Plating: The component to be plated is taken for plating process immediately after the cleaning process; Nickel Anodes are placed in Titanium baskets placed at the centre of the component & Nickel Sulphamate solution is recirculated inside the component. This solution consists of Nickel Chloride & Boric Acid. The composition of solution is Nickel metal- 70-75 gms/litre; Nickel Chloride 4-6 gms/litre & Boric Acid- 30-35 gms/litre. The recirculation is continued for 1500 mins at current Density of 20A/Sq. feet is maintained throughout the duration. This will ensure uniform deposition of 400 microns ( minimum ) of nickel in the inside surface of pipes, fittings etc.

4. Post Cleaning: The assembly is thoroughly cleaned with water, 2 times each for a duration of 2-3 mins to remove the chemicals and dried. The assembly is then stress relived at 190-200 ºC for 120 mins.


Pipe Spool Fabrication in Exotic metals and low Alloy Steels

Crystal specializes in fabrication and supply of prefabricated spools in exotic metals like Inconel, Hastelloy and other low alloy steels like P11, P22 Etc. Crystals Degreed and Trained Engineers have executed many spool fabrication contracts for new projects and shut down project for the easy installation at site. Combination of experienced design Engineers and a full pledged manufacturing facility has given the edge to complete the spool fabrication process a per customer schedule with full compliance to the customer specifications and quality requirements. In house welding engineering team, production engineering team has served many esteemed customers in getting the best value in terms of complete technical compliance and productivity. The piping spools are subjected to customer specified quality control test like Radiography, Ultrasonic test, P.T. Examination, Hydro static and Pneumatic tests.

Prefabricated Nickel Coated Pipe Spools Range

High pressure Support

High pressure Support

Crystal’s primary supports for high pressure application are special type of pipe support and are forged and machined to suit the pipe line OD. the smooth machined surface projects pipeline from any damages while performing the pipe holding function

High pressure Support

Hanger support

Crystals Hanger with `c' clamps are craftily engineered to meet the customer application from a small size of 1” NB to large sizes. The hangers are designed for specified loads and `C’ clamps are available in carbon steel, stainless steel and low alloy steels

High pressure Support

Shoe Support

Crystals shoe support is designed for low and high temperature and is available in carbon steel, stainless steel and low alloy steels. This support is mainly used to guide large size pipeline in Refinery, Petrochemical and Power Plant

High pressure Support

'C' Clamp Shoe Support

Crystals 'C' Clamp shoe support is to restrict movement and the support is anchored on the floor or fastened to the structural member. This special support is suitable for pipeline in Refinery, Petrochemical and Power Plant and is available in carbon steel, stainless steel and low alloy steels

Frequently Asked Questions About Prefabricated Nickel Coated Pipe Spools

Nickel Plating is carried out by the process of Electro Plating.

Pipes, Elbows, Weldolets, Flanges, Reducers, Pipe Caps can be Nickel Plated.

Nickel plated Pipe Spool can be welded at site provided the site joint is preplanned and is duly prepared by internal weld overlaying for a distance of atleast 50 mm from proposed weld seam before Nickel Plating. At site nominal length adjustment for fitment can be done & taken up for site welds using qualified WPS. However Random length cutting of pipe spools & welding is not possible.

Pipes, Elbows, Weldolets, Flanges, Reducers, Pipe Caps can be Nickel Plated.

Nickel Plating requires S.R at 190-200 OC after Nickel plating for 120 minutes.

All C.S materials like SA 106, SA 105, SA 516 and LAS materials like SA 387, SA 335, SA 182 Gr.F11, F12 etc can be nickel plated.

Average thickness of coating depends on the specification of the job; however we can provide thickness upto 400 microns

Prior to coating the substrate has to be blasted with Grit to remove dirt, mill scale and loose material

The following tests are carried out post Nickel Plating of Pipes, Fittings & Spools
a. Bending Test (ASTM 689, ASTM B571)
b. Porosity Test (ASTM 689)
c. Peel Of Test (ASTM 689)
d. Thickness measurement

NO - stress relieving at temperature of 720°C post welding to make spools, does not affect the Nickel Plating.

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Prefabricated Nickel Coated

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Prefabricated Nickel Coated

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Prefabricated Nickel Coated

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