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    For high pressure applications

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Specialty Cladding

Our cladded pipes comply with the most demanding standards of strength, corrosion resistance and cost effectiveness. Generally the outer part of the pipe is made of carbon steel to withstand the inner pressures, while the inner high alloyed cladding of the pipe is meant to protect against corrosion.

We offer two types of cladding process :

  • Metallurgically cladded plates
  • Mechanically bonded pipes


World-class Specialty Cladding from Crystal Industrial

Metallurgically clad plates : We use a unique patent pending process to make pipes using metallurgically clad plates. The process guarantees a tight bonding between the different materials. We have been producing such pipes for reputed companies world-wide, especially in the oil and gas industry. We offer a wide variety of size range. We produce OD's from 114.3 mm (4") up to 1 219 mm (48") in a variety of material combinations. We can supply you pipes with either an external or internal cladding.

Mechanically bonded plates : This consists of a corrosion resisting pipe that's telescopically aligned inside a pipe in carbon-manganese material. Hydraulic expansion is used to create a tight bonding between the two pipes. We produce such pipes in a variety of size ranges, in OD's from 114.3 mm (4") up to 660 mm (26") and lengths up to 12 m without circumferential weld.

Compared with metallurgically clad pipes, our mechanically bonded pipes offer a wide range of material combinations for both the inner and outer pipe and remarkable price advantages. The cost saving is due to the use of economic carbon steels in conjunction with corrosion resisting steels and a low-cost production process. Also the process allows for easy assembly on site.

Specialty Cladding Range

High pressure Support

Bonnet for High Pressure

State of the Art Fronius Make ETR’s and Kuka Robots with manipulations in Inconel 625/ 825, Hastelloy B3, & c276 Cladding


Subsea Components

International Qualified Welding Engineers Support the experienced shop floor operators to maintain the welding variables precisely to meet the stringent customer requirement


Pre Heating & Post Heating

Pre Heating and Post Heating is precisely monitored with calibrated monitoring device and electrically heated calibrated furnace


Skin Chemistry

Skin Chemistry at required depth is maintained with Quality Welding Procedure backed by Procedure Qualification Record and Welder Qualification Record

Frequently Asked Questions About Specialty Cladding

Cladding inside the pipes and fittings is to economize the cost of pipelines for corrosion applications for pressurized Oil & Gas and Refinery piping. The design pressure is taken care by carbon steel or low alloy steel and corrosion is tackled by the cladded material inside the pipe.

Inconel 625, Inconel 825, Hastelloy, Monel, Duplex, SS410, SS316 are commonly cladded material.

For a typical application undiluted chemistry skin thickness considered is 3mm

Weld overlayed cladding is typically used for high pressure and high temperature applications as it provides a concrete solution for a differential thermal expansion between back up and clad material

Cladded Pipes and fittings are commonly used for corrosion application in Hydro-carbon industry as these are typically sour and corrosive.

Typical quality checks in the cladding process would be as listed below : Base metal, clad metal chemistry Clad metal skin Chemistry PMI Ultrasonic Testing D.P / P.T examination of clad surface G-28 intragranular corrosion test

For a typical application undiluted chemistry skin thickness considered is 3mm

For a typical application undiluted chemistry skin thickness considered is 3mm

For a typical application undiluted chemistry skin thickness considered is 3mm

For a typical application undiluted chemistry skin thickness considered is 3mm

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