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The Type DES 3000 is a one-ton dry emergency scrubber system engineered to treat accidental gas releases of chlorine from an over-filled portable tank in accordance with uniform Fire Code worse-case release of hazardous gas through a fusible plug. Dry scrubbers are safe, user-friendly, low maintenance systems tested and proven for use in municipal and industrial applications where the potential exists for the accidental release of heavier-than-air hazardous gases.

The Type DES 3000 has a room exhaust rate of 3000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) CFM (5,100 m3/hr). The gaseous plug leak from a one-ton portable chlorine container could reach an initial 2380 CFM (4,050 m3/hr) peak rate. The 3000 CFM scrubber exhaust rate assures a negative pressure on the room resulting in fugitive gas containment. A typical 10,000 cubic feet (280 m3) room will be reduced to an acceptable entrance level concentration in about 45 minutes after the leak has ended. The Type ‘STS’ media is used when chlorine is the lone as present.

The Type DES 3000 contaminant system consists of a fan and a vertical cylindrical FRP vessel containing a bed of chemically impregnated 1/8” (3.2 mm) diameter dry pellet Type ‘STS’ media. The only moving part, the fan , produces a vacuum on the containment room and draws the gas-laden air from top to bottom trough the media bed and out to atmosphere.

The media reacts with the gas and reduces the concentration at the scrubber discharge to within the guidelines as set forth by the prevailing codes. The new media is non-hazardous since the media substrate permanently bonds with the chemical impregnate. The used media is also non-hazardous since the media substrate permanently bonds with the unused chemical and the reaction process. In addition, dry chlorine scrubbers do not require liquid chemical leak containment or double wall vessel construction and operate at sub-zero temperatures without the use of heaters.

Features and Benefits :

  • No chemical maintenance
  • New and used media is non-hazardous
  • One moving part-blower
  • No chemical pumps
  • Chemical leak containment is not required
  • No heaters required in cold climates
  • Safe
  • User-friendly
  • Dependable operation
  • Tested and certified
  • Low cost of ownership

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